The worst work I did was from 2001 to 2004. And the company paid a price for bad work. I put the A-team resources on Longhorn, not on phones or browsers. All our resources were tied up on the wrong thing.

where you put your best people is probably the most important decision you make as a CEO. 

Steve Ballmer, speaking to Vanity Fair about his tenure atop Microsoft.

It’s a telling quote. A big part of Microsoft’s current predicament isn’t because they lack the talent to do what their rivals have. It’s because that talent was directed to focus on the wrong things (or just as bad: the right things at the wrong time). 

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this level of transparency shouldn’t be shocking, but it is

never count out touchdown tom

never count out touchdown tom

So far I’ve been able to successfully cut the cable cord only by using other people’s cable logins.

Email is relentless. There’s no break. You’re on this treadmill. You’re trying to stay on top of your email, which really means staying on top of the tasks that you’re being asked to do on email, but then you keep getting more and more email which represents more and more tasks.

learn to want the things you already have

It’s only in comparison that we take what’s wonderful and turn it into something cruel.

I propose two habits to replace comparison:

1. Appreciate where you are.
2. Seek to understand, not judge.

Sunday home opener!

Sunday home opener!

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watch people !?